Crystal Ball: NBA Playoffs 2008 Take 1

The NBA playoffs are now underway and here is my take on what has happened and my predictions on what's going to happen in the near future.

So Far: Overrated all season
Prediction: Pull a "Mavs" and lose to the Hawks ("who's on the Hawks?" is what you're probably asking right now... Exactly)

So Far: They kinda pooped on themselves this season
Prediction: Lose tonight against the Hornets and are once again out of the playoffs in the first round

So Far: It doesn't matter what their season is like, they always perform in the playoffs
Prediction: advance to round 2 tonight with a win at home against the Suns. Good things the Suns got Shaq... he really helped them (and by "them" I mean the Spurs)

So Far: I hate the Cavs
Prediction: See above

So Far: Simply stellar
Prediction: They're going all the way. They're going to WORK the Jazz in the next round which I can't wait for. I suggest you all jump on the bandwagon just like I did. Some people say that you're lame if you're a bandwagoner, but think about it, wouldn't you rather be a bandwagoner than a loser?

Just watch a little TNT and ESPN in the next week and you'll see how smart I am at Basketball.


brooke said...
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brooke said...

I will NEVER- Repeat- NEVER cheer for the Lakers. Bandwagoner or Traitor Luke? Which one is it? :)

Go Kings!

evan said...

1. You're definitely wrong about the celtics. They're going to the finals, although they'll likely lose once they get there.

2. I think I might have to disown you as a brother for jumping on the lakers bandwagon. You do realize you can never come back to the kings now? This is a sad sad day.

Matt said...

Lakers suck. How can anyone like Kobe over LeBron? I agree with Evan. You're a fairweather johnson... (I liked the Braves in '95.)

Dominic said...

luke, I don't disagree with a lot of what you said, but I have to disagree with your lakers/celtics predictions. celtics will make the finals. I wish the suns had it in them but the spurs will likely take it all against the celtics. luke, lakers? I mean really, lakers? you've liked kobe the whole time, right? yeah yeah...

Ray said...

i have to disagree. mavs do suck, but the only teams stupid enough to pull a mavs are the mavs and heat. also, the lakers are not STELLAR. wrong word to use there. but the hornets are the team you need to be impressed with.

mark said...

Well my friend, my Celtics pulled through. Remember, I have the best weapon, a neutral position.

Luke Millar said...

Yeah mark... it's easy to be right when you cheer for every team, ha

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