Crystal Ball: NBA Playoffs 2008 Take 2

Well, I got a lot of negative feedback in my last session of playoff predictions. I will be the first to admit that I was not exactly right but how many of you actually thought the Celtics and Hawks would play a game 7? I came pretty close in that prediction. The Celtics are weak, barely beating the Hawks and now struggling against the Cavs. They will beat the Cavs though in this series even though it is tied 2-2 right now but will only be able to pull off 2 wins against the Pistons in the next round in a 6-game loss.

As for the Lakers, they received quite the blow in Salt Lake against the Jazz but I'm not worried. The MVP will pull through for his team and they will win the next two games.

Pistons basically have this series in the bag beating Orlando on Saturday without Billups. They'll win again tomorrow sending them into the Eastern Conference finals where they will beat the Celtics.

Now, for the hardest series to call... As I said in my last post, the Spurs are good, even if I do hate them. They will end up pulling this one off beating the Hornets which is too bad because I'd rather the Lakers play the Hornets than the Spurs. Ginobili has been incredible this season for the Spurs making the All-NBA Third team coming off the bench. He'll be huge in these next few games agains the Hornets.

I don't know if you'll be able to disagree with these but that's what I thought last time too so I guess we'll see in a few days in the comments.

Let me ask you this... are you ready for the Lakers/Pistons finals rematch?


Heather said...

There will be a very sad little boy in our primary class if you are right about the Jazz and the Lakers.

Ray said...

How can you think the spurs are still going to beat the hornets. The spurs don't even get close to beating the hornets in New Orleans. Everything in your East prediction is correct, but I don't know. You seem to be wrong in almost every aspect in the west. Hornets and Pistons. Watch it.

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