Life in a Nutshell: Word Associations

It's interesting how we commonly associate certain words with different items. For example, I always associate the word "stripe" with Fruit Stripes, the amazing gum that comes with tattoos on each wrapper. I guess these are pretty closely related since it is the same word (stripe) but not always does stripes carry that same meaning. Every time I hear the verse in Isaiah, "and with his stripes we are healed" I imagine it talking about being healed with his Fruit Stripes which actually doesn't make any sense, but that's always the first thing my mind goes to when I read that or anything else with the word stripe. I'm sure everyone does this to some degree because this isn't the only word that I do it with; there are many. This one just got recalled to my memory as I was reading tonight. So let's see, what are some of the weird word associations that you have?


Barbaloot said...

See, and I always associate the word "Yikes" with stripes. You know: Yikes! Stripes! Zebra striped gum!

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