Marching Band

Why do marching bands still exist?

At football games everyone starts to complain when half time starts, not because they have to wait 20 minutes for the game to start, but because they have to listen to the marching band for 20 minutes. The best part of football games is the 10 minutes before half time when the band leaves to go get ready for the half time show and they play real music over the speakers.

Another thing... have you ever noticed that the band teachers are always the weirdest ones? That's actually saying a lot considering the competition. There are librarians... math teachers... DRAMA teachers... but I still think the band teachers win.

Oh, and nobody wears clothes like that anymore... come on. Isn't it embarrassing to wear your pants that high and a feather in your hat?

Oh, and when are you going to learn some new songs? The "Death March"? Again? Really?


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