Fact vs Opinion

There is a big difference between fact and opinion... let me demonstrate.

You probably think that pancakes are good. You're wrong. They're not good; they're terrible.

Not proof enough? Need another example?

Canned tuna is disgusting but I'm sure a lot of you like that too (probably the same people that like pancakes).

Ok, so now you're probably thinking, "Well, that's not fact. That's just your opinion that these things aren't good..." What I have to say to that is "prepare your mind to be blown right now."

I eat Ginger Altoids... a lot. I think they're really good, and I use "think" on purpose. Ginger Altoids being good is just my opinion. The fact is they're not that good nor are they even a little bit good.

So I guess the point that I'm trying to make is that some things are good and other things are not good and that is a fact. Your opinion does not always reflect truth; in fact, it rarely reflects truth. I know you're wrong a lot because you're one of those people that like pancakes and tuna.


Boz said...

I think my mind is blown by the fact you obviously spent more than 30 seconds thinking about this, and still managed to write a post about it that says absolutely nothing.

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