Tomato Juice

I was just thinking this morning... Tomato juice is so gross. Why does anyone drink that? A good tomato or tomato-basil soup is good, but not cold tomato juice. There's no way.


Anonymous said...

I'll drink when I'm dead.

Matthew Hellewell said...

I apologize for the untimely comment, but...

I love blogs, and this is why:

"I'm excited for the next season to start up where the Kings will be back in the top teams in the West competing for the championship. It's gonna be a good year for Kings fans."

This was from your post of 6/25/08. Yes, your Kings were right up there for the championship. Nobody managed to lose more games, not even the "D-League Thunder". Couldn't even get a ping pong ball pulled. Really brilliant. Meanwhile, my Lakers will be hoisting up another banner. But, I'm sure next year will be different for you, right?

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