Harry Potter 6 Plot

Here's my prediction for what happens in Harry Potter 6 (I DIDN'T READ THE BOOK):
  • The movie starts out at Harry's home. His family hates him and Harry gets in trouble, but he travels to hogwarts anyway (in some different way than previous years) for the beginning of the school year.
  • There's a new teacher... very suspicious.
  • Hagrid introduces all of the kids to a mysterious beast in the forest.
  • Harry plays quidditch and barely wins.
  • Malfoy is a jerk and tries to cause ruckus. Harry stops him.
  • Weird things start happening around hogwarts (or maybe even in the real world)... it's all tied to Voldamort somehow.
  • Harry and his friends go to the library to look up explanations
  • They end up chasing the weird noises and things they see (possibly underneath Hogwarts) and fight some bad guys and/or Voldamort (the mysterious beast they meet in the forest helps out at some point here).
  • Harry temporarily defeats Voldamort... and he says "until next time suckas!"
I hope I didn't spoil the movie for anyone... I haven't seen it yet and I didn't read the book. This is all conjecture.


Matt said...

I gotta admit, this is pretty good. I'm no Harry Potter fan, myself. I enjoyed #4 and I think the new one looks good, but I think you've probably nailed the major plot points.

marisalisa said...

wow luke, nice try, but you were wayyyyy off.

rebecca said...

sounds pretty good to me

Heather said...

Actually that would have worked well for the first ones, but not so much for this one. Nice try though... And Matt you like the third one and hate the fourth one.

Matt said...

I never know which one is which. :)

evan said...

Few things are more satisfying than mocking Harry Potter. Except maybe mocking Harry Potter fans.

Matt said...

I'm getting sort of disappointed with this new one. The trailer made it look like a good action flick, but lot of people are saying there isn't much action in it at all. I was actually getting excited to see it.

rebecca said...

haha to what evan said... except that i am a potter fan. a really cool, normal, awesome potter fan.

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