Washington Mutual is the Worst

For the last 6 years, I have had a Wamu bank account and I completely understand why they went out of business; they are incompetent. I have ordered new checks 5 times now and have received none of them. Here's out it happens every time...

I go into the bank (you can't talk to anyone on the phone, it's all automated). I tell them, "I need checks sent to me."
They say "Ok, did you open your account here?"
"No, I opened it in California"
"Ok, is your address updated on your account? Is it 54 w ...?"
"Yup, that's it... but here's the deal. I've ordered checks X times already and they never actually get sent to my house"
"Oh... well, they should. I'll make sure they do this time."
"Well, that's what they say every time"
"I'll make sure of it myself"
"They should be there in 6 weeks"

5 weeks later...

I get a call... (wow, a real wamu person on the phone? Can I get this number?)
"Hey, this is washington mutual... we have your checks here for you to come pick up"
"In Provo?"
"No, Fresno, CA"
"Ok, I live in Utah. I was told they would be sent to my house here"
"Oh... well what is the closest branch to you there?"
"It's in Provo, on University Ave"
"Do you know the address?"
"No... shouldn't you?"
"Well... I can't find it in the system. Are you sure it's in Provo?"
"Um... well do you know the branch number?"
"Let me see if I can find it..."
(at this point I google it to see if I can find it... yup found it. Not sure why it was easier for me to find it than it was for them)
"... I found it. Here's the number..."
"Ok, here's what I'll do. I'll send them to the Provo branch and they'll mail them to you."
"Alright, sounds good. Thanks"

3 weeks later...

I still haven't received my checks so I go to the Provo branch.
"Hey, I ordered some checks and you were supposed to send them to me but I never got them so I'm here to pick them up"
"Ok, what's your name?"
"Luke Millar"
"One second..."
"... umm, we don't have them anymore. If we have checks for more than 5 days we have to shred them so you'll have to order new checks"

Then the whole process repeats. This has seriously happened 5 times now! 5 times! SAME EXACT THING. This story is not exaggerated at all and is why I am leaving wamu and going to a different bank. Well's Fargo? Bank of America? I'm still trying to decide.

No wonder Washington Mutual died huh?


Doug said...
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Doug said...

i hate having to pay for checks too. Here's my secret. I walk into my credit union and ask for "temporary checks"...no idea why they're temporary because they work like regular checks. They print them on a piece of paper and there's 6 checks on a page. they're perforated and tear away AND...they're free. I only write checks to pay rent--so these bad boys last me half a year. suckers.

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