He even looks like a horse



Lindsay said...

well... im just gonna have to say it. this scares the shit out of me.

Matt said...

Wow, that's something. And none of the judges had anything bad to say about him, either. In case you're wondering, the first judge said "You're an extremely talented performer."

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, they like some weird stuff over there.

Also, I'm not really sure what he was singing about. He pretty much just kept saying "holy dog" and something about a horse over and over again. And then there was something about a young boy asking for money. That's about all I got.

Matt said...

I'm sure nobody cares about this but me, but I've been fascinated with this video and song since I saw it.

It turns out, this is a real song by a Filipino rock band name Yano. Here's the original song (spoiler: there's no horse sound in it):

Anyway the song tells two stories about people essentially getting angry for different reasons, and the chorus that you mostly hear in the Philipines Got Talent video above is the person yelling insults at someone. "Banal na aso" = "Holy dog" and "Santong cabayo" = "saintly horse." I'm not sure if these are common insults, as I never heard them while I was over there. They may even be considered swear words, based on the lyrics in the song.

Anyway, there's my Truth Bomb for the day.

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