Common Grammar Mistakes

There are certain word confusions and misspellings that a lot of people make on a daily basis. These may go unnoticed to the average dork but they annoy me so much. Here are a few of the worst ones:

Then and than are not the same words nor are they even close in meaning. I read way too many websites and get far too many emails that say something like "pears are better then apples". First of all, nobody likes pears... secondly, it's than, not then. "Then" means next... ish... "than" is used when comparing two things.

"Y-o-u-'-r-e means you are. Y-o-u-r means your."

Another one that's talked about a lot is "who" and "whom". Let me clear up the difference for you. Only dorks know how to use these correctly. To not be a dufus always use "who".

I'm sure there are others that I didn't list here... What are some of your most hated grammar errors?


Matt said...

You have no idea how much is bugs me when people use "then" instead of "than." Seriously, it's like 90% of the population. Apparently, no one went to grade school.

Heather said...

I see a lot of bloggers write 'loose' when they mean 'lose'. It kind of drives me crazy because I read it by its spelling and then get confused because it doesn't make sense that way. I have a friend who never learned to spell; I hate reading her blog. (I think by the time you're 23 you should now how to spell.)

Boz said...

As much as I hate hearing people say "less things," I think I hate it even more hearing pipe up about it on forum discussions. This usually comes in the form of someone saying "How can I even believe what you are saying when you put a comma in that sentence when it should have been a semi-colon. Go back to school stupid."

This can usually be seen in debates about global warming or animal rights, where everybody participating is in fact half retarded.

e said...

i like pears.

also, "These may go unnoticed to the average dork but they annoy me so much" sort of implies that you're more than the average dork :) just think it's funny since you're ragging on grammar.


E said...

People confuse "their" and "they're." Also, I love pears, especially compared to apples.

maegan said...

I too like pears. But I'll admit they're less people of whom like pears then apples.

hahahaha, I'm so funny...

Luke Millar said...

So apparently only girls like pears.

Ray said...

I don't get it because your always using things wrong. your worse then I am.

mark said...

Luke, you like pears, I've seen you eat many of them.

I think by the time your 23 you should have a blog.

I love the, "There's lots of grammar mistakes" mistake. It is actually said, "there are lots...". Even my professors have said, "There's many ____". My 8 year old neice does the same.


Mike and Laura said...

Luke, the Germ here...and being an English major I have to say that there are way too many grammar mistakes out there, but you can't fix them all. My favorite....when people use "to" instead of "too" or vice versa.

And by the way, I LOVE pears, too.

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