Digital Integrity

So the other day I noticed something pretty funny and thought I'd share it with you here. There's a company named "Aboda" which looks an awful lot like "Adobe". Not only that their logos are almost identical.

I can't believe how similar these two logos are... Who designed this Aboda logo and how in the world did he get paid to come up with that? I'm sure he was just pressed for time and tried to think of another company that also starts with an A and just copied their logo, changed the background color and submitted it. Did they really think that nobody was going to pick up on this? The first time I saw this logo I actually thought it was Adobe and that they had changed their colors or something. I didn't realize that is was spelled a little bit different. It took me a second to notice... Maybe that's what they were going for?

Here's another one that just came out this last week that's also appears a little suspicious I thought.

Come on Apple, don't you pride yourselves in the work your designers do? What happened here?
Maybe this was a subliminal stab at Microsoft reminding customers how horrible Windows ME was. I think a lot of people had forgotten about that version of Windows, but this will definitely bring that memory screaming back to those that ever used ME.


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I was just coming here to complain about how lame your blog is, but I changed my mind.

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