Girl Falls Down Manhole

This girl falls down an open manhole because she was texting while walking.

Her mom said:
"It could have been an elderly person, a mother pushing a stroller. It could have been anyone." (or... a Bruce Springsteen fan.)

Is that Joe Dirt? Look at that hair.


Boz said...

what do you expect her hair to look like? she just got out of the sewer.

Matt said...

What is she the "victim" of? Stupidity? If she were driving while texting and crashed into a tree, would she still be a victim?

Boz said...

I think it's an issue of having an uncovered manhole with no cones around it. If she was driving while texting and hit a tree that was placed in the middle of the road by the city, there would be some issues.

I think the workers should probably apologize for not marking it with cones (which they did do). But other than that, people should be expected to watch where they are walking.

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