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Alright, so I have been posting a ton on my blog lately, I hope it has become your homepage. I don't know how long I'm going to be able to keep it up though. I may run out of material if I keep doing 10 posts a day... (maybe not, the internet is pretty big, but you get the point).

So I set up a new filter for my email address so you can send me blog posts and I can put them up quickly. I have the time (especially right now). Just send me an email to with a link to an article, picture, video or whatever. Those of you that have already emailed or sent me links through IM notice that I get them up on my blog pretty quickly.

Just be aware though... just because you send me something doesn't mean it's good enough to make my blog and if I do choose to use your suggestion you may or may not be notified of such use of your suggestion.


rebecca said...

yess! i'm totally gonna take advantage of this so i don't have to put "unclassy" and "nonpretty" things on my blog that i still wanna share with the world.. just so long as you credit me, i'll help you keep the truthbombs rolling in

Lindsay said...

"good enough"?? HHHAHAHAHA

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